Bronwyn Bowery-Ireland

Bronwyn works exclusively as an executive coach focusing on areas such as strategy, leadership development and agility, cultural awareness and results. Bronwyn enjoys working with leaders who want to develop themselves to the next level through being discilpined and focused. Bronwyn supports leaders to identify their strengths and to move out of their comfort zone into new areas of growth and development. Through coaching Bronwyn works with leaders to enhance their self awareness and the impact they have as a leader. In addition she supports them to think strategically and to take time to reflect and to learn from situations in order to gain wisdom in moving forward. Part of the coaching process involves being aware of patterns of behaviour and creating new patterns to bring about change and to achieve goals and results. Bronwyn’s clients value her openness and ability to make complex situations simple in order to find solutions.

Bronwynis currently coaching clients from a wide variety of organizations Representative assignments include:








Bronwyn has been an executive coach for many years. She began coaching in the early 1990’s to support CEOs in their leadership development. She coached CEOs and managers from a range of top 500 companies in Australia. She also developed many leadership programs and delivered them throughout these companies. In the late 1990’s she was responsible for the leadership development of a large merger in Australia’s largest media company. One of her responsibilities was to coach the executive level of management through the merger. She has managed many teams and has established three companies. In 2001 she set up a global coach training company, establishing the first online learning platform for coaching training, and in 2007 she moved to China to grow the market there. She lives in Shanghai and in 2010 sold her business and now works exclusively with China and Asia Country managers, executives and presidents as their executive coach.


Bronwynhas spoken on various topics at many coaching conferences, including the Singapore Asia Pacific Coaching Conference in 2010 and in March 2010 she ran the first coaching conference in Shanghai, being the keynote speaker. She has written one book, titled “This vs That” which is about looking at different perspectives to gain insight and she blogs daily on executive issues at In addition she chairs a board of Asian and China Presidents looking at outstanding leadership and best practices as well as business trends in Asia.