Pradeep Kumar, President of TOC Academy is an accomplished TOC practitioner who been teaching the subject since 1996. His coaching has delivered outstanding success in China. His clients improved their bottom line from 3 Million USD in 2009 to 35 million USD in 4 years in 2013. Professionally Pradeep is a CEO Coach and a Coaches’ coach. He also helps individuals in addressing personal conflicts using TOC tools.

He worked for 34 years at multinational corporations of high repute. He is currently living in Shanghai (China) as MD of Arete Business Consultants (Shanghai). From 2002 Pradeep served as Chief Operating Officer of Singapore listed Thakral Corp Ltd for 4 years in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Before that, he worked with Procter & Gamble in Asia for 12 years. He lived in Japan for 9 years as Associate Director and before that he worked as General Manager (Manufacturing) of P&G (India) responsible for product supply function.

Pradeep started his career in India with Union Carbide and worked with them for 15 years. Then he worked with Birla Group in India as Vice President (Manufacturing) for 3 years.

Pradeep is a Mechanical Engineer (Double Gold medalist) from BHU India and completed his post graduation studies in general management from University of Bombay in 1983. He obtained Jonah Certification from Avraham Goldratt Institute (New Haven Connecticut, USA) in 1998.

Pradeep is an active Rotarian and was decorated with “Service above self” award in 2013. He is past president of Shanghai Club and currently serves as District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair for D 0052. Pradeep enjoys playing golf and travelling. His favorite reading subjects are philosophy and history.

Contact -
(M): +86-13918181173, +91-9818255540