Rahul Jain

Rahul Jain is the founder of Business Coaching in India. A professional ( Engg & M.B.A.) with over 11 years’ hands-on experience, including with blue chip companies such as TATA MOTORS and producing outstanding results in conceptualizing, and running Greenfield operations and businesses. A senior level coach and facilitator with a proven track record and abilities across vertical and horizontal sectors in the industry.

Wide ranging experience and proficiency in diverse industries and products (in various roles, as a corporate employee, entrepreneur, independent business associate and senior management) ranging from training, manufacturing, insurance, designing, to setting up distribution and retail channels.

Over the last 11 years he has successfully trained over 15,000 people from every walk of life - from senior white-collar corporate executives to entry-level trainees, entrepreneurs to government employees, to students and housewives in a wide spectrum of skills like: Vision Building, Leadership, Goal Setting-Planning and Implementation, Team Building, Strategy Planning & Implementation, Project Management and Implementation, Change Management, Productivity, Communication, Sales, Customer Relations, Attitude, Motivation and others.

Currently providing specialised Business Coaching to owners of Small & Medium Size Businesses on how to run a business and not have their business run them. Taking their business to the next level (we work on Marketing, Operations, Finance, Organisational Systems, Strategy Planning & Implementation, Human Resources, Leadership, Change Management, etc.) making it a commercial, profitable enterprise that works with or without the owner.

Rahul started his career working with TATA MOTORS. After that for the next 3 years he Conceptualized and executed a Greenfield business operation, as an entrepreneur, around security systems and CCTV products at a time when these devices were unknown and the market was unreceptive. Set up the entire infrastructure for the company from scratch, Developed marketing and business strategy for establishing the brand and the product line followed up by an expansion drive establishing a distribution network over Western India.

In his next endeavor he personally built up and coached the largest sales network of over 10,000 people from scratch in a direct marketing organization. He attained the second highest level in the company, in a very short span of time, with a personal turnover of 80 Crores, in Japan Life, a premiere network marketing company in India. During his tenure he contributed substantially (operationally and strategically) to the growth of the turn-over from Rs. 59 Crores in the year 1998-1999 to Rs. 380 Crores in the year 2002-2003 and the number of Distributors rose from 8000 to over 1,20,000 operating across India (urban and rural) during the same period.

Contact -
(E): rrahulmail@gmail.com
(M): +919810003510