Ravinder Gilani (Ravi)

Ravinder Gilani (Ravi) is the founder and the managing consultant of Goldratt India (www.goldrattindia.com). As the managing consultant of Goldratt India Ravi introduced TOC in India, and now focuses his efforts on increasing the wealth of his clients through a systematic application of Dr. Eli Goldratt's Theory of Constraints. He is the first practicing 'Jonah'(TOC Expert) in India. Dr. Goldratt has personally trained Ravi in Supply Chain Management. Ravi also serves on the board of Theory Of Constraints International Certification Organization (TOCICO).

For over 34 years, Ravi's industrial experience has evolved from a core in Manufacturing Engineering through to Total Quality Management and Business Process Re-engineering to the Theory of Constraints (TOC). Prior to founding Goldratt India, Ravi was Chief Consultant at ECS Limited (Formerly Eicher Consultancy Services Limited). During his consulting career of over 14 years, Ravi has consulted for and with many Indian and transnational organizations, such as L&T and Godrej & Boyce in engineering, Salora International in consumer electronics, RPG Cables in telecommunications, ABB and Alstom in power equipment, Indian Aluminum-a subsidiary of ALCAN in metals, Dalmia Cement & OCL India in cement, ICI in chemicals, Exide and Eicher in automobile components etc.

Before starting his consulting career, Ravi gained valuable 'Hands-on' experience for 21 years in operations in the automobile industry (TELCO and Eicher). In addition to consulting, Ravi regularly disseminates his knowledge at a number of international conferences. He enjoys striving for the impossible by challenging sacred assumptions and simplifying complexity.

Ravi is a Fellow Associate of TOC Academy.

Contact -
(E): ravigilani@goldrattindia.com
(M): +91 9811050071