Shoshi Reiiter

Shoshi is an Education Professional. She lives in Tel-Aviv, Israel and is dedicating her efforts in the field of human development. She runs an organization named ‘TOC for Human Development’ that is training students in self regulation and leadership. She also coaches individuals and Institutions in use of Theory Of Constraints.

Shoshi is a PhD from Haifa University in self regulation learning. Her thesis at MA in ‘Science teaching’ was “Characteristics of students’ behavior in virtual course’. Prior to that she did her B.Ed in Chemistry and Biology from Beit-Berl college in 1996. She graduated in Practical Engineering, Chemistry from Israel Institute of Technology in 1973.

Shoshi has been learning and applying TOC since 2001. She developed and conducted “Multiple intelligence” project for 3 years by applying TOC tools and also managed project on science teaching with TOC tools. She has been a Primary school principal and Science teacher for middle and primary schools. She served as organizational consultant for teachers and as student board facilitator for developing young leadership.

Shoshi has presented papers on TOC at many conferences. Amongst these are:

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Dr. Shoshi Reiter, TOC for Human Development
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